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Please Click the "Make Trash payment" Button above and you will be able to make your payment with no fee instantly. Please be sure to include your name and address so we can be sure to apply your payment to the correct account. The payment take 24 hours to post to your account so if you want us to be aware of the payment immediately, then please give us a call and let us know that you made the payment. Please let me know if you have any problems with the new system so we can make any improvements needed.

Memorial Day Holiday Schedule
On Monday, May 29th, 2017 and we will be running our normal Monday route on Memorial Day so please have your trash out on Monday morning by 7:00 AM as usual. The dump will be closed so we will only be able to pick up trash till all three trucks are full. Once we fill up, we will have to be done for the day. We should be able to get 90% of our customers trash picked up with this space. So, if you have your trash out by 7:00 AM on Monday morning and your trash is one of the ones we will not have room on the truck for, then we will be out Tuesday after we dump to get the few we did not have room for Monday. We will, for sure, be picking up the 2 Trailer Parks on Main St. in Searcy on Tuesday morning, instead of Monday. Thank you and have a great holiday.


Welcome and Thank you for visiting our website. We are excited to bring this informational site to our customers. Be sure to check out all the information in our site to hopefully answer any questions you may have and also allow you to get to know O.P.B. Sanitation a little better.

We love new customers so if you want to sign up, call me, Jeff Tinsley, direct at 501-281-2481 and sign up today. I will give you your FIRST MONTH FREE!!!! WOW!!!! You can't beat that. We are also the only sanitation company that has a GUARANTEE. That's right, if you have your trash out by 7:00 AM, then I Guarantee that it will be picked up. If we miss it, we will make arrangements to come back out that week. I hope that you will decide to become a valued customer, and if you already are, thank you. 

*** Be sure to check our calendar to see if we are running or not on any certain Holidays you may have questions about. If It is not marked that we are not running, then put your trash out and we will get it. If we are off for a holiday, then we will pick your trash up on the next business day. No other days will be affected by the holiday.  

*** For your convenience, we now accept payments online, here at this website, or by phone with Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards. Just call me anytime and we can process it immediately. 

*** We have SOLD OUT of our new shipment of used 96 Gallon Trash carts. These are the heavy duty carts with large rolling wheels and a hinged lid that will help keep the critters out. We sold these cart at our cost of $28.00 and deliver them for free. They are our customers cans to keep forever and there is no extra monthly fee. We are currently try to find another good deal on some more can for our customers. We are starting a list of customers that want a can once we have more. Please let me know if you want to be on the list. Call Jeff at 501-281-2481.

 Inclement Weather Policy


We make every effort to run our routes everyday and on schedule. When the heavens open up and produce weather that is unsafe for our drivers to work in, and that is to bad for the dump to be open, then we have no choice other than to cancel the route for that day. We will be back the following week to get all the trash from both weeks with no limit for those customers effected by the bad weather. We will post our closure on our office voice mail and on this website once the inclement weather policy has been called for that day. Fortunately, we have NOW TO DATE only had  13 inclement weather days in the last 10 years so we are very fortunate.


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